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FAC Renewal

For those new to shooting applying for, or even the renewal of, their FAC is sometimes daunting. The process for this can straightforward! The secretary or an officer of the club can act as the second referee for renewals, for members of Novio Magnum only. (For those applying for the first time the procedure is different and contacting a member of the club for advice would be beneficial).


The process for your application is as follows. Fill in;

•  Form 101 Parts A, B, C, D & F

•  Form 125 Part A.


The following parts need to be sent to the club official you have discussed your application with;

•  The main Form 101 so that they can add their details as second referee in Part E.

•  One of the Reference Forms 125 complete with stamped addressed envelope so that they can fill it out Part B and C.

•  At least one photograph so that it can be endorse on the back.


Form 101 and photograph will be returned to you. Form 125 and any Additional Information form will be sent direct to the Sussex Police Headquarters (or other Police Authority if from a different county).

The best thing is to discuss this with one of the committee of the club to ensure that all procedures are followed.


Have a look at the Sussex Police website, as this has invaluable information about firearms licensing.


If there is anything we can help you with - range days, purchasing ammunition, what shooting sport to try, etc please contact one of your club officials via this website.