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Entering Competitions

There will be lots of competitions available to you. These could be club based, interclub, postal, national or even international; in a variety of different shooting disciplines. Entering them is easy, but do talk to the club committee, fullbore and smallbore captains, as these people will advise you on what you need to do, the equipment you need and what competition is like.

From the Shooting Disciplines page you can see that there are a lot of different areas to this sport. Some of the competitions are run over an extensive period of time, for instance 6 months. Others are a one day event. It is worth while finding out what you want to shoot first and go on from there. Have a look at the NRA, BARBA, MGLAB and NSRA websites to see what takes you fancy. Talking to other people in the club is also a good idea….. You never know you could be travelling abroad on your first international match in the near future.



If there is anything we can help you with - range days, purchasing ammunition, what shooting sport to try, etc please contact one of your club officials via this website.