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Firearms Law

We believe that it is vitally important that anyone interested in target shooting as a sport, be aware of the rules and regulations imposed on it. The links below are of general interest, but some should be viewed as a matter of importance. If you are serious about starting to target shoot, then make yourself aware of the current laws and issues. More information can be gained from the national associations on the links page.

Sussex Police Firearms Information

The Sussex Police sight is one that will have to be visited, to gain information about firearms licensing in Sussex, how to apply for an FAC and to download the forms. There is a lot of information on this site and you can contact a Firearms Officer directly.


Home Office Firearms Guidance to Police

The guidance to the police is a must, as it expresses the limitations and possibilities within the sport at this present time. This .pdf document will also inform you of your responsibilities and how to go about starting target shooting as a sport. Follow the following download links for current information:


Home Office Guidance on Firearms Licensing Law Nov 2016
Home Office Guidance on Shooting Clubs


Home Office Main Page

Access to the general Home Office website. Very interesting reading.


1988 Firearms Act

Part of the firearms act. Also look for 1968 and 1997 amendments to the firearms act, on the HMSO website.



If there is anything we can help you with - range days, purchasing ammunition, what shooting sport to try, etc please contact one of your club officials via this website.