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Welcome to the NMPC Website

Target shooting is a sport for all. Men, women, the young and the old. You will see a good group of people from all walks of life shooting at the ranges at weekends and during the week.
The membership, approximately 70, shoot a variety of disciplines ranging from; prone smallbore rifle to muzzle loading rifle. We all take part in a variety of competitions, taking it seriously, but having fun at the same time.
The club participates in inter-club, county and national competitions as well as running internal competitions and fun shoots. The fun shoots take place at various times during the year, with a number of 'range' days, although the latter are a little bit harder on the back. We feel the club has a lot to offer a committed sports person, so feel free to roam around the club website and we look forward to hearing from you.

Novio News and Calendar

If you wish to shoot at Rumble Range on any days other than the regular ones (Thursday, Saturday, 1st and 3rd Sundays) it is now a Club rule that you must reserve the range by contacting your Treasurer Tony Peach (BETWEEN 10.00 - 18.00 ONLY). You will need to give details of when you wish to shoot, what type of shooting you intend to do and who will be attending. Please remember that this is not a private booking. If other members turn up to shoot they are permitted to do so (as long as they contribute to the running of the range). All normal Club rules and Range Regulations apply. This is a mandatory rule and shooting at Rumble Range without prior booking will be considered a disciplinary offence.


The members of Novio Magnum Rifle & Pistol Club.


If there is anything we can help you with - range days, purchasing ammunition, what shooting sport to try, etc please contact one of your club officials via this website.