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Shooting Disciplines at NMRPC

A good place to look for National and International shooting competitions will be on the national associations websites, via the links page. These websites will carry a vast amount of information and provide further contacts to gather information. The ISSF website has detailed rules that can be downloaded. This organisation covers the vast majority of international shooting. All the following target shooting disciplines, with examples of the firearms used, can be shot at NMRPC;

Prone smallbore rifle -

25 yards

Prone smallbore rifle -

50 yards

Rapid Fire Centrefire Gallery Rifle - 25 meters

Precision Centrefire Gallery Rifle - 25 and 50 metrers
.22 Benchrest Rifle - 25 meters
.22 Benchrest Rifle - 50 meters

Air Rifle Benchrest Rifle - 25 meters

Fullbore Centrefire Rifle - (Shot at Bisley 100-1200 yards)
.22 Sporting Rifle - 20 yards

Muzzle Loading Rifle -

50 meters

Muzzle Loading Pistol -

25 meters

Black Powder Revolver - 25 meters

Air pistol - 6 yards
Air pistol 10 meters
Air pistol 20 yards
Rapid Fire Air Pistol
Target Air Rifle


If there is anything we can help you with - range days, purchasing ammunition, what shooting sport to try, etc please contact one of your club officials via this website.